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Wedding Invitation Set

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Pistachio green, a bronzed gold, and delicate white flowers come together to create elegant wedding ceremony and reception invites Featured fonts are Ohio, Century Gothic, Felix Tilting, and Almara.

The Design:

Since the ceremony and celebration are taking place during day time and are simple, private events as well as religious, I went with a relatively bright color palette, save for the bronze. The lattice background is a geometric design often seen in Islamic architecture. Following that vein of inspiration Mosque silhouettes are used to ground the composition. The flower accents used are to mimic the decorations being used for the events.

The two different orientations of the invites, landscape and portrait, are to allow for the senders to easily differentiate which invite is for which event quickly.

The Design:

This was the most difficult to create. The client insisted upon having all the colors of the rainbow present and so this took a large amount of trial and error. In the final design I used an open source collection of henna designs, arranged them to fit my hand drawn frame, created a stencil out of it and filled it with rainbow colors. To fill the background without having any color disappear I flipped the rainbow color image horizontally and vertically to put each color with a contrasting color. This way there was little color blend and bright. contrast, and colorful border was created. The text background is the same geometric pattern from the previous invites with a creamy eggshell color fill. The fonts Century Schoolbook, Almara, and Californian FB are used.

The Design:

The color scheme for this presented a challenge as red, green, and gold are Christmas colors. However, I solved that problem by minimizing the use of red to just the floral accents as well as the greenery. Use of vector lines gave it a modern and elegant look. The fonts Century Schoolbook, Almara, and Californian FB are used.

The Design:

My personal favorite from the line up. This reception invite says fine art, and includes fine art. "Clearing Up the Coast of Sicily" (1847) Andrease Achenchbach, Walters Art Museum is a renaissance painting and the background of the invite. Around it are open source oil painted flower branches scaled to frame the text. Delicate yet dark and luxurious are the words I would use to describe this design. Fonts used are Century Schoolbook, Almara, and Californian FB.

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