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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I created this whimsical creature by combining two separate photos together in my Computer Imaging class using Photoshop.

The Design:

I initially thought of a Pegasus as the animal i wanted to create, but that was a bit too simple for the prompt. I decided to use a swan and a white horse, two animals I think are elegant and magical looking. I began by laying the swan photo over the horse picture with low opacity to find the best place to join the two together. I then used the cloning tool to mask the horse's face and extend the trees. Next, I cut out the swan portion and blended it to the horse then changing the undertones of the swan from warm light to cold light. I added a darkened the horse photo and increased contrast to match the shadows of the swan. I also added a shadow below to the wing on the horses back. I finished off with minor color adjustments and blending.

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